With all the stresses of modern day life many women like appreciate their own private time as a quality time to enjoy and explore their sensuality and feminine sexuality with an erotic sensual massage .

What could be a more satisfying way of spending your time in the company of a charismatic, passionate professional male masseur enjoying an erotic, sensual, relaxing, and pampering massage to leave you feeling sparkling and sexually satisfied .

A massage provided by a discreet, confidential, fully-trained professional male masseur Alex in the comfort of your own home or hotel suite or at his place in the center of Moscow.

Alex is also glad to offer therapeutic Swedish massage therapy, deep-tissue massage, tantric yoni massage,sakura massage,it can be also 4 hands and couple massages.



Yoni is the Sanskrit word for the vagina.Yoni massage is a Tantric technique specifically inside the vagina.

Yoni massage was a spiritual treatment practised for 1000’s of years in both India and in China for the purpose of healing and empowering women.

We offer Yoni massage is a part of a Tantric massage as Yoni massage can only be performed when the whole woman’s body has become more alive, aroused, vibrant and open.

A genuine Yoni massage is a very specific experience, done by an expert, that takes you to a different level of healing or growth in sexuality.

The vagina is a very interconnected piece in the woman’s sexuality and it takes full knowledge of female sexuality to approach it correctly.

The session will always start with talking and listening, where you will have an opportunity to ask questions, concerns or reasons for coming for treatment.

The next stage will be to connect with the woman to make her feel safe and comfortable then to proceed with deep tissue massage or tantric massages,the final stage of treatment is the yoni massage

Your therapist then moves down your body with slow, gente, sensitive strokes, gliding over your vulva and down to your toes.

You can choose whether to continue with a full Yoni massage or to simply relax in the hands of your therapist.

This wonderful massage is performed by one or more of our highly skilled male massage therapists.